Using technology to build environmentally sustainable organizations.

We are an energy efficiency solutions provider using IOT (internet of Things) technology to empower organizations in Africa to build sustainability by reducing energy waste and CO2 emissions in their operations.

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Energy efficiency is called the 'first fuel' in clean energy transitions as it provides some of the quickest and most cost-effective CO2 mitigation options while lowering energy bills and strengthening energy security. Energy efficiency is the single largest measure to avoid energy demand in the net zero emissions by 2050.

International Energy Agency, tracking report - September 2022

Renewable Energy Monitoring

Monitoring clean energy from solar and wind to determine performance and system health.

Efficient Energy

Reducing energy wastage as a way to create greater energy efficiency, energy security and reduce energy cost for organizations.

Carbon Reduction

Reducing CO2 emissions by significantly reducing the amount of energy lost through wastage.

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